Fredericksburg Auto Repair


When the “Check Engine” or “Service Engine Soon” light in your vehicle’s instrument cluster comes on, there is no need to panic. These warnings indicate that your automobile’s computer system has detected a problem in one of the various systems that it controls and monitors. In some cases, the sensors used to optimize performance, emissions, and mileage may detect a problem that triggers the vehicle to go into “limp mode.” If so, it will become readily apparent to the driver that the vehicle needs immediate service. Fortunately, an auto technician can diagnose the problem by utilizing a diagnostic scan tool, which plugs into the computer system and identifies out of range conditions and trouble codes. Then the technician will use his knowledge and experience to verify the cause of the malfunction codes. Sometimes the repair can be as simple as locating a vacuum leak or an electrical connection problem. Regular maintenance is health insurance for your vehicle. It needs regular maintenance to retain its safety, dependability, performance, and fuel economy. Our ASE Certified Technicians provide all types of repair and maintenance. We do it all right here, close to home.

HINT: Diagnostic codes are the language of an automobile’s diagnostic system, which an auto technician is trained to understand.

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