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When it comes to changing light bulbs in your vehicle, the headlights, taillights, stop lights, turn signals, and backup lights probably come most immediately to mind. If these lights do not illuminate properly, safety is compromised for the vehicle’s driver and passengers in addition to everyone else on the road. These lights should be fixed immediately. Beyond those bulbs, there area variety of light bulbs in and around the vehicle that also require attention, preferably before they burn out. The five most commonly neglected bulbs of this type are the license plate light, the rear highmount stop light, the dome bulb light, and the fog light. Failure of the first two of these lights may get you a ticket.

It is important to ensure that lights are in perfect working order for your safety as well as your wallet’s by avoiding costly tickets.

HINT: Auto technicians often apply a very light coating of dielectric grease to the contacts of bulbs placed in exterior sockets to prevent corrosion.

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