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Giving Engines Added Boost

Presented by Dan Ritchie:

In an effort to wring the most efficiency from engines, automakers are generally following the path of downsizing, in terms of both displacement and cylinder count. In order to harness the most power from these smaller engines, auto manufacturers turn to either “turbochargers” or “supercharges.” Both work to force more air into the engine, which creates more power. Turbochargers work off the engine exhaust, which means their added power comes free. However, there is usually a slight delay from the time that the accelerator pedal is pressed to the time that the turbo generates boost, known as “turbo lag.” Although superchargers siphon energy off the engine-driven belt, their effect is immediate. Both increase mileage by roughly 10%. Regardless of the age and model of your vehicle, its engine is a critical component and the most costly to repair when something goes wrong. We not only service cars-we clean them to.

HINT: So-called “twin-scroll” turbo chargers reduce turbo lag, while such refinements as helical rotors and coasting bypass systems have increase supercharge efficiency.

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