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One of the reasons behind an engine’s inability to produce sufficient power is poor ring seal, which refers to the rings’ inability to prevent air and oil from being drawn into the combustion chamber during the intake stroke. During the compression stroke, the rings make sure that air/fuel remains in the combustion chamber and is fully compressed before it is ignited. During the power strike, the rings prevent pressure from blowing past the pistons as the burning gases force the piston downward. Then, during the exhaust stroke, the rings ensure that all of the by-products of combustion are expelled. Rings that do not seal well during the fourcycle combustion process can reduce horsepower substantially. When something is not right with your car, it sends you a signal. A lack of power, for example, could signal a poor ring seal. One of our ASE Certified Master Technicians can inspect the various components of the vehicle and recommend repair or replacement of parts. Keeping your car clean and waxed can add years to its paint finish, so try our exterior and interior detailing service.

HINT: Rings that leak during the compression stroke allow unburned fuel to get into the crankcase, here it will reduce the oil’s lubricating properties and increase the risk that engine-damaging sludge will develop.

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