Fredericksburg Auto Repair 1291 Reviews 4.9


6/27/2017 Paul Prewitt Always fair and courteous service at Express Auto.
6/27/2017 Patrick Dolan 5 star all around.
6/22/2017 Steve Webster ddd
6/21/2017 Steven Short Always a good experience.
6/19/2017 Robert Eckel Excellent service each and every visit. Honest and fast service.
6/19/2017 As always, effiencent service. I stoped in a few days before the service I needed was started because I needed a part and I have an older vehicle that is notorious for costly replacement parts. Express Auto was able to find the needed part a a price far below than I had anticipated. They were able to replace the damaged rear tail light complete a 30,000 mile check up and service, andd do a state auto examination in about 2 hours. The full bill for seervics was less than I had anticipated. I gladly recommend Express Auto whenever asked about who I like for auto repairs and service.
6/18/2017 Andrew Owens Always appreciate you all.
6/18/2017 Ronda Express Auto has once again earned my confidence and my trust. I had work done on my vehicle. For the next few months, I noticed my battery was draining completely down, and I had to keep recharging it. My ex brought his tools over and identified the problem, a defective motor. I brought the vehicle back to Express Auto, and they immediately took care of my problem, without charging me, as the original work involved a defective part. I have always had confidence and trust in Express Auto's quality of work. Now I am even more confident because I know Express Auto backs their work. I have recommended Express Auto to family and friends, and now my parents and neighbors use Express Auto for their auto maintenance needs as well.
6/18/2017 Barbara Marshall Express Auto has always been a professional, affordable car shop. We only use them for our repair needs.
6/18/2017 Carroll Blair Very quick and efficient service, very polite employees. Great job.
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